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Atlanta School of Burlesque: Review


I love the Atlanta School of Burlesque! Whether your looking to become a professional Burlesque artist, just want to learn to dance like one, or you’re looking for a new and exciting workout, this is the place for you.

They are located off the Howell Mill Road exit on I-75.  The studio is in a safe area with easy parking.  The studio itself is spacious, clean, and well-lit.

The real magic is in the instructors, all active local Burlesque performers who are absolutely crazy passionate about their craft.  They make the classes challenging but fun, and there is never any stress about doing things perfectly.  My favorite line from a recent class?  “If you can’t do this [position this way], just do what you’re doing.”  It’s really all about having fun, getting some exercise, and expressing your femininity in a safe space.  You feel sassy and sexy and supported by the other women.

There is no nudity or stripping in the classes, just learning the dance moves.  As for attire, it’s really whatever you feel comfortable wearing, but many like to pair shorts or dance undies over sexy tights or fishnets.  If you choose to wear heels for class, I advise staying in the 2-3 inch range for maximum comfort and maneuverability.

Of course, if you are serious about learning the dance moves and possibly performing one day, that’s completely supported as well.  They have a 12 session Performance Track course that will give you all the behind-the-scenes info that you need to be successful.

I’ve been to several classes and introduced a couple of friends to them.  I never fail to have a great time and get a little sweaty, then leave feeling just a little sexier and saucier and my friends felt the same.

Look into them soon!  You must preregister for all classes, as space is limited to give every lady enough room and individual attention.

To register for a class, click here.


Scarlet Wylde- Sex and Romance Expert



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